Yu-Han Chao

Quantum Man / Schrodinger

Let�s go quantum!
let's abuse a kitty

the double slit experiment
feline euthanasia lottery
pattern or line object or wave
poisoned or not  dead or alive
observe with steel-eyelashed robot eye
shake the box, listen for sound of kitty
   breathing her last
in Quantum Man�s world we allow for
all possibilities at once:
passing through one slit, two slits, no slits
Xs for eyes, four legs in the air, annoyed, asleep

Yu-Han Chao

YU-HAN (EUGENIA) CHAO was born and grew up in Taipei, Taiwan and received her MFA from Penn State. The Backwaters Press published her poetry book We Grow Old in 2009. Dancing Girl Press, Imaginary Friend Press, and Boaat Press published her chapbooks. Her website is

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