Lee Slonimsky


I wish these woods would change their color
all at once

instead of meekslow hints of orange, tan,
but much of nature�s heart is patience and

it�s often only birds who hurry, as right now:

a flock that flurries, half tree height,
their black still glossy from last hour�s rain,
across this glen, as fast as summer�s wane
is slow,

    entangled in dense leaves, late light.

Lee Slonimsky

LEE SLONIMSKY�s next two books will be a detective novel from Moonshine Cove Publishing in June 2015, Bermuda Gold, and a sixth collection of poems, from Spuyten Duyvil Press in early 2016, Red-Tailed Hawk on Wall Street. Poems are forthcoming in Angle (UK), Blueline, Muddy River Poetry Review, Mudfish, Per Contra, and Voices of Hellenism Literary Journal. Lee conducts a monthly poetry writing workshop in New York City, Walking with the Sonnet.

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