Jonathan Louis Duckworth

Ode to Gargling Razors

Keep fuckin supporting metal!
�George �Corpsegrinder� Fisher

You might surprise yourself
with the number of songs you can write
concerning disembowelment,
and marvel at how compelling
the apocalypse can be
if Nordic Hel-wolves
are in any way involved.

You might growl through your beard
because it�s fun or because it beats carrying a grudge
�or worse, a knife�around all your life.
This way the anger brings cheers, not terror
and the blood you spray on the audience
is only corn-syrup-thickened cherry Kool-Aid.
But it�s not anger in your growl, not always�
not when the last howl of that twelve minute song
fades out, subsumed by a piano outro,
and a thousand little butane stars are kindled.

You might smoke five packs a day,
or maybe you won�t even let smokers
stand in the front few rows,
because you need your chords pristine
when time comes to tell ten thousand people
that you�re coming for them with a rusty gaff,
and this time their anuses won�t be spared.

You might even be�dare we say it?�
a true artist, playing your dulcet tenor
and the melancholic trill of the vinyl strings
of your grandfather�s six string Jose Ram�rez
against the thump of war drums,
a turbid ocean rushing from the MagnaVox amplifier,
and your impression of Satan gargling razors,
because there is something that�s killing us
and we all need to growl at it
while we still have breath.

Jonathan Louis Duckworth

JONATHAN LOUIS DUCKWORTH is an MFA student at Florida International University in Miami, where he serves as a reader and copy-editor for the Gulf Stream Magazine. His work appears in or is forthcoming in Sliver of Stone Magazine, Mount Island Magazine, Clapboard House, and Gravel: A Literary Journal, among others.

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