James Ardis

Patch Notes for the Pre-Alpha

Fixed: Beds now cause brief, inconvenient collisions.

Strangulation will now take less time.

It is now impossible for players to see their characters nude.

Adjusted: the damage value of bees.

Fixed: Our former art director�s initials are no longer visible on the foreheads of babies.

Adjusted: This is now the only project I�m working on.

Corrected: NPCs that once had jiggly, soft bodies.

Adjusted: If you interrogate the grandfather, he will no longer run through the trees and go insane.

James Ardis

JAMES ARDIS is an MFA candidate in poetry at Ole Miss. Recently, James has been writing poems from the perspective of a video game developer, taking Greyhound busses across the country and listening to too many podcasts.

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