Eric Howard

Office Bacchus

Tuesday at ten, he drops in, immortal
son of the CEO, his wrinkled, wine-
dark trench coat sweeping the cleanup schedule
off the break room fridge as he leaves the shrine
of donut box and coffee pot empty.
Once in his swivel chair slouched, he regales
beige acolytes with the follies Chablis
fueled that weekend in Vegas, with emails
that flow from static-shooting fingertips.
Out his story ripples; spreadsheets billow
like canvas; the boat of enterprise slips
into daydreams where grinning dolphins blow
hot fermented snot on PowerPoint slides,
and bosses throw themselves upon the tides.

Eric Howard

ERIC HOWARD is a magazine editor who lives in Los Angeles. His poems have appeared in Birmingham Poetry Review, Caveat Lector, Conduit, Gulf Stream Magazine, Hawaii Pacific Review, Old Red Kimono, Plainsong, and The Sun. In 2009 he attended the Squaw Valley Poets workshop and edited its anthology.

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